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Bills expecting physical run game from Raiders

Posted by Chris Brown on December 20, 2014 – 1:35 pm

Raiders rookie QB Derek Carr gets a lot of the pub, but Buffalo’s defenders are not going to follow the headlines. The Oakland game tape is telling them something different, and if they want to shut down the Raiders attack they’ll have to begin with the run game.

“He’s still trying to find himself for the most part,” said Marcell Dareus of Carr. “But their offensive line, their running game is still strong.  They’re going to try to run it down our face and just try to do the best they can with it. They have some big guys up front, real physical, real physical running backs, we’re just going to have to strap it on and be ready to go again.  They’re going to try to run the ball.

“They’ve got the run game trying to start going for him to help him out and take pressure off him,” said Nigel Bradham of how the Raiders are trying to complement Carr offensively. “We’ve just pretty much got to make them one dimensional and pressure the quarterback like we have the whole season.”

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