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Spiller’s decision impacted by head coach?

Posted by Chris Brown on January 2, 2015 – 11:47 am

It’s no secret that C.J. Spiller’s production did not come close to matching his ability as a football player in 2014. While there are plenty of reasons to explain why that was the case, including injury, knowing the offense will likely undergo some form of change under a new head coach figures to influence Spiller’s decision as to whether to return to the Bills or explore free agency.

As we covered in our story on today, Spiller was planning to take his time on making a decision as to what course of action he’ll choose to take concerning his future. That period of time figures to be extended until the dust settles in Buffalo regarding their head coaching situation. Suffice to say if the new offensive approach leans more toward an open style of play it could weigh heavily in Spiller’s decision on returning to the Bills.

Make no mistake, money will be the primary factor, knowing this is likely Spiller’s only time in his career to truly cash in being a running back, but the former first-round pick has a broader outlook on life than just dollars and cents. He wants to excel as a player. If he sees Buffalo’s new approach on offense as an opportunity to do so it is likely to be a factor in his decision making.

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