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Replay Challenge on Pass Interference? – JMS 1/7

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We kicked off our guest lineup with Bleacher Report Draft Lead Writer, Matt Miller. Miller discussed his latest mock draft where he had quarterback Marcus Mariota from Oregon being selected first overall. He then talked about where the other top quarterback prospect, Jameis Winston from Florida State might go. When it came to the Bills draft status, Miller discussed the depth of this year’s class.

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“Compared to last year, this is not a very deep draft. This is a good group and looking at where they’re (Bills) at at number fifty, as long as they don’t trade up this year, you can get a quality player, an impact player, especially at a couple of positions. Running back is very deep this year. Wide receiver is very deep once again. When you look at defense, those guys out on the edge, the defensive ends, the standup pass rushers, those are the really the strong parts of this year’s draft.”


Miller went on to talk about the offensive linemen, saying the early round picks might lead you to a tackle that can move inside to the guard position.

Rob Gronkowski

With the Divisional round of the NFL playoffs now just days away, we reached out to Boston Globe NFL reporter Ben Volin who discussed this weekend’s playoff matchups. Volin also went into depth when it came to the Patriots and Ravens this Saturday which will include WNY native and Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, who looks poised to have another strong playoff performance.


“In my opinion, he has to be in the short conversation for MVP. Gronk has been absolutely phenomenal. Having him healthy in the playoffs for the first time since 2011, and we’ll see, that could mean all the difference.”


Finally, we were joined by Vice President of Officiating in the CFL, Glen Johnson. Johnson talked specifically on the new rule in the CFL that allows for replay review on pass interference calls. We tapped Johnson to discuss this process and if it could be adopted by the NFL, especially with this week’s discussion regarding the questionable pass interference call or “non-call” during Sunday’s Lions-Cowboys game. He talked about the rule and the process of challenging the call or even a no-call.


“We had 55 of these challenges and of those of the vast majority were for ones that they thought we missed. There were only six of those that were challenged for ones that were called that they thought we got wrong. By a large, large margin coaches thought we were missing more than we were calling.”


Out of those 55 challenges that Johnson mentioned, he stated that they actually overturned 17 of them.


To hear more from Johnson and the complete John Murphy Show from Wednesday, click here.

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