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Roman: look at my track record

Posted by Chris Brown on January 28, 2015 – 11:18 am

Bills fans have heard offensive coordinators come in the door and pledge a commitment to the run game. New offensive coordinator Greg Roman only points to his recent success to convince those who wonder if he’ll commit to a ground attack.

At the same time Roman is smart enough to realize that you can’t be solely reliant on a run game because if there’s a defense good enough to slow it down you’ll have problems.

“Look at my track record. The greatest predictor of future events is the past. I could stand up here and tell you that we could have been number one in the league in rushing in San Francisco every year if that was my goal. If I wanted to be number one in rushing, I could’ve done that,” Roman said. “But my goal is to win and I think you have to strike a commensurate level of balance to do so in this league.

“Every game is a little bit different. Some games you’re going to be real run heavy. Some games they might put nine up (in the box), etc. and you have to find other ways (to move the ball). I think we’ve got some guys in this offense that are here in the building right now on this roster that are going to really thrive with some of the situations that they’re going to be put in based on how defenses are going to try to play us.”

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