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Wood: Incognito will bring element of toughness

Posted by johnmurphyshow on February 11, 2015 – 9:43 pm


Back live on the air tonight. We began the show asking the listeners their thoughts on the upcoming free agency period and what the team should do with their own players who are ready to hit the market. On that note, we heard from Jerry Hughes who talked about his offseason options, why Buffalo would be his first choice to sign with, and if the franchise tag is a possible option.

Eric Wood

Our first guest was Bills center Eric Wood. Wood talked about his offseason, the anticipation of rejoining his teammates, and interacting with the new coaching staff. He also shared his thoughts on this week’s addition of guard Richie Incognito. Wood and Incognito were here together back in 2009 and he talked about their relationship and shared his opinion on his potential teammate.

“I think he will bring a lot to the line. He will bring an element of toughness. He’s always been known as a tough, aggressive player. His last true season with the Dolphins, before the whole mess that went on, he was a Pro Bowl guard. The coaches, the GM, everybody talked about wanting to bolster the offensive line and I think giving Richie a second chance gives us the opportunity to do that immediately.”

The QBAt the top of the hour, we were joined by FOX Sports College Football Analyst and author Bruce Feldman. Feldman came on to discuss his book, “The QB: The Making of Modern Quarterbacks.” In the book Feldman uncovers the difficulty teams have on finding the perfect quarterback and why most of the time those teams strike out on trying to develop their “guy.”

“The wiring that a Peyton Manning has is so unique and I think he’s been blessed with some of the preparation. These guys are just really rare. It’s the hardest position in the world and the most glamorous and a lot of people want to play it. Ultimately it gets weeded out. I’ll be honest, the quarterback that you see sometimes, you can say there are a lot of reasons to really like this guy and then all of a sudden you get into games and it’s not all together there.”

Finally, with the majority of talk tonight about free agency we dialed up Mike Ginnitti, the editor and founder of Spotrac a site that deals with player contracts, team salary caps, and yearly salaries. He came on to discuss just that and what that means for the Buffalo Bills and their needs. Ginnitti weighed in on where they stand in relation to the salary cap and where they rank in the league when it comes to free cap space.

Doug Whaley

“We’re able to say that the Bills are spotted to spend about three and a half million on their draft picks this coming May. When we’re including that and the current roster, the Bills have just under 30-million in estimated cap space heading into free agency here and that’s for the top 51-players on the roster which is all that matters between March and September. Right now they’re eighth (in the league). They are top ten and in good shape and I expect them to be busy here.”

To hear more from Ginnitti and the rest of Wednesday’s John Murphy Show, click here.

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