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Steve Almond: “Against Football” – JMS 2/12

Posted by johnmurphyshow on February 12, 2015 – 9:39 pm

Winding down the week here at One Bills Drive. We began tonight’s’ show hearing from head coach Rex Ryan, who spoke this morning on WGR550 , discussing Richie Incognito, quarterback EJ Manuel, and what his keys are to a successful 2015 season. We asked the listeners for their opinion on free agency and what position groups should be targeted by the Bills as March 10th approaches.

Vertical JumpAs we gear up for next week’s NFL Scouting Combine, we reached out to the President of National Football Scouting Jeff Foster, who manages the combine in Indianapolis. Foster spoke on the growth of the event over the years and the process of how teams utilize it to scout the top prospects in the draft. He also addressed the setup of events and the balancing act that goes with servicing those teams and players.

“We feel like it’s one of our jobs to protect the integrity of the football event while the entire event continues to grow. Some of the circus aspects of it, we try to make sure happens in and around the football pieces. So, whether that’s after we’ve cut away from the field or when the players are moving to different aspects. As you know, the combine was created many, many years ago with the number one priority being the medical evaluations and that’s really still true today. From a team perspective, the medical evaluations and the interviews are as important if not more important than anything else that we do here.”

against football picSteve Almond, a longtime football fan, explores both the positives of loving the game that is the NFL and the dark side of the game in his book “Against Football: One Fan’s Reluctant Manifesto.” Almond joined us at the top of the hour to weigh-in on why he has gone against the grain in asking why there is so much support for a game that has so many issues surrounding it. He deals with the criticisms of the football and questions its importance in American culture, challenging himself and those that love the game.

“Why do we as fans feel that it is OK for us to consume this form of entertainment when one of the known by-products of it is that the guys who play, who we worship when they’re on the field, when they leave that field, many of them are going to wind up with brain damage. There’s also the question of the economics of it. I think it’s wrong that the NFL as a non-profit entity, the power that they hold, they use essentially to force politicians to publically fund stadiums.”

Rex RyanFinally, we were joined by Jeff Larsen, a segment producer for NFL Films. Larsen shared his thoughts on the recent passing of NFL Films founder Ed Sabol. He also talked about his recent project, supplying the sights and sounds of Super Bowl XLIX in the NFL Network series, Sound FX. Larsen discussed the final drive of the game and the emotions that were displayed after the Patriots won the Super Bowl. He then went on to talk about his time dealing with Rex Ryan when he was part of the group that put together the Emmy Award winning HBO’s Hard Knocks during the NY Jets 2010 training camp.

“When people come up to me and talk about Hard Knocks they usually remember Rex Ryan and his language but just the fun entertaining personality of that team and of that series.”

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