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Rex on analytics

Posted by Chris Brown on February 14, 2015 – 9:11 am

Rex Ryan admits he’s a coach that goes on feel an awful lot when making a big coaching decision in a game. However, that doesn’t mean that he ignores what the advanced metrics say.

In an interview this week on Bills flagship station WGR Sportsradio 550, Ryan was asked where he stands when it comes to analytics.

“I think sometimes it’ll paint a picture to you with being in the computer age I look at some of those things,” he said. “There are times where you can look at it and can it alter a game plan? Sometimes, absolutely. But I also think the feel of the game is an important thing. It’s not just played on computers it’s played by humans.”

Ryan, like many coaches, believes analytics has its place as a layer in putting together a formula for consistent winning. At the same time he knows that football is an emotional sport and that numbers can’t be applied in a vacuum. The Bills head coach even admits that he’ll play off the home crowd sometimes when his team is on defense.

“I’ll play off the fans,” he said. “Sometimes there’s that intensity in the building where we feel they can’t handle us. And our fans are behind us and we don’t just have 11 guys out there, especially on defense. When the fans are right there with you, you might say, ‘You know what we’re going to sell the farm here. He’s going to have to get rid of it quick and I don’t think he’s ready for it. You’ll play into the fact that they won’t be in sync with their snap count and all their checks, so sometimes you’ll play into the fans as well.”


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