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Tasker: “It has to happen now” for EJ Manuel

Posted by johnmurphyshow on February 27, 2015 – 11:34 pm

On location tonight from (716) Food and Sport for Friday night’s show with a large crowd in attendance. We began the show with the news of the day from One Bills Drive and around the league. We listened in on Thursday’s conference call with ESPN Draft Analyst Mel Kiper, Jr. who discussed this year’s running back and tight end class, scouting quarterbacks, and what possible mid-round QBs might be worth taking.pic

Former Bills special team’s ace and Wall of Fame member, now CBS NFL Football Analyst Steve Tasker joined us on location to talk about the team. He talked about his broadcasting career on CBS, now entering his 18th season with the network. He went on to discuss the current Bills team including the quarterback situation and the opportunity for EJ Manuel.

IMG_2005“This is a guy who is making himself ready even when Kyle Orton was the starter. This is a guy who felt like he was ready to step in if Kyle Orton got hurt but you have to prove it. It’s got to happen. Right now, he’s the only guy and if you need more motivation than that to put your best foot forward, you’re not the guy you are. We know he is. We don’t have to tell EJ this. He knows all of this.”

Tasker also talked about his former General Manager Bill Polian who will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this summer.

Bills cornerback Nickell Robey called in at the bottom of the first hour. Robey has been busy this offseason working towards earning his degree from USC and training with teammate Robert Woods. He discussed the changes to the team this offseason and the staff that remains, including his defensive back coach Donnie Henderson.

Nickell Robey“Coach Henderson is a very cool coach, especially when you get to know him as a person and you get to know his style. He’s more of a father figure in some cases. I know we’re all grown men in the NFL but he understands the life on an NFL player. He connects with us and we’re able to match wits with each other. He picks our brain and we pick his brain and it’s always business to get better and reach the ultimate goal.”

Finally, NFL Media Reporter Judy Battista called in to talk about this weekend’s NFL Competition Committee Meeting and their look into video replay and defensive pass interference. The penalty has been under heavy scrutiny, especially during the playoffs this past season. Battista weighed in on the potential changes, which include making the call a 15-yard penalty and applying video replay review. She spoke with the NFL’s VP for Football Operations Troy Vincent about that very issue.

“His point was that it’s a potentially huge play but pass interference is very much a judgment call. It’s happening very quickly and rather than make it reviewable, do you solve the problem of this is too big of a play and it’s in the officials’ hands late in the game and you really don’t want that. Do you solve the problem by, instead of having it a spot foul as it is now, you make it just a 15-yarder? That was the context where he raised that. I wouldn’t say that will be an imminent change like that.”

Battista also shared her thoughts on the Bills signing of guard Richie Incognito. To hear that and the rest of Friday’s John Murphy Show from 716 Food and Sport, click here.

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