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What Gore told McCoy about Roman

Posted by Chris Brown on March 11, 2015 – 9:38 am

When RB LeSean McCoy found out he was being traded to the Bills the first thing he did was seek intel on his new coaches Rex Ryan and offensive coordinator Greg Roman. After making a call to former teammate Michael Vick for input on what McCoy could expect from head coach Rex Ryan, McCoy called Frank Gore for info on Roman.

In seeking information on how he might be used in Greg Roman’s offense, Gore told McCoy to get ready to touch the ball in a myriad of ways. McCoy shared some of his conversation with Gore in an interview on NFL Network.

“He said that Greg would really get me the ball everywhere on the field, from in the passing game,” said McCoy of his conversation with Gore. “Finding schemes, finding ways to get me the ball, getting the big guys up front in so many different formations.”

McCoy then watched some 49ers game tape to visualize what Gore had told him about the variation of alignments.


“Actually watching the 49ers playing them, they did so many different formations to get Frank the ball. That’s all I want,” said McCoy. “I want opportunities to go one-on-one with defenders and I’ll take myself the majority of the time for sure. That’s what I want. I want to be the feature guy that can do things in open space [and] get him the ball guaranteed 25 times a game. I’m not worried about getting banged up. God has blessed me with being healthy; I’ve never really missed games and I think getting the ball deep out of the gun I could really see where I want to go. That’s the best thing about it.”

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