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Bryan Scott: “One door closes, another opens”

Posted by johnmurphyshow on April 23, 2015 – 9:28 pm


As the Draft approaches, we brought in the Bills Director of Player Personnel Jim Monos to discuss the makeup of the current roster and what lies ahead. Monos went down the list of the offseason acquisitions and the role head coach Rex Ryan played in bringing in the added talent. He went on to talk about next week’s Draft and what possible position groups he thinks the team might target.

DSC_4762“Let’s stack it by best player and we’re going to take the best player at fifty, whether it’s a corner, safety, or even defensive end. Nobody thinks about us on defense buy why can’t you have more good players and more depth.”

Monos also discussed the possibility of trading up or down without a first round pick but added that they’ve been successful finding starting caliber players in the middle to late rounds of the draft.

At the top of the hour, former Bills LB/Safety Bryan Scott joined us to discuss his upcoming appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank, Friday night at 8pm. Scott is now co-owner of NEONE USA where he will be pitching his product, NEONE high tech shoe insoles to the “Shark” investors. Thinner than a dime, these insoles absorb shocks and evenly disperse excess energy when on your feet. Scott discussed this transition and supplied some advice for those looking to follow suit.

bryan-scott-resigns-story“When I was in the league I had some really good coaches and older guys that would always say ‘The NFL is more of a job, it’s not a career’ because it does not last very long. If you’re blessed to stay in it for a long time, one thing is for certain. If you’re a player now, one day you will become a former player. Don’t make it your life. Enjoy it, live in the moment but just understand that one day it will end and when it does other doors will open. One door closes, another opens.”

Finally, we rounded out the show with Jason Goodman, a member from the Bills Fan Advisory Board. The group held their latest meeting Thursday night and Goodman discussed the potential changes they may implement this upcoming season, including the effort to improve WIFI inside the stadium. Other items discussed were the wait time at the gates and prohibited items like tobacco products.

We also heard from ESPN’s Jon Gruden as he shared his thoughts on the Bills and the quarterback class in this year’s draft and even some jokes from President Obama as the Super Bowl champ Patriots were honored at the White House. To hear all of that and more from Thursday’s John Murphy Show, click here.

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