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Kelvin Fisher: Reloading not Rebuilding – JMS

Posted by johnmurphyshow on April 24, 2015 – 9:36 pm


Watching the clock tick away as we approach the 2015 NFL Draft. We relived the 2014 draft and asked the listeners if they would do it all over again…would you trade up to draft Sammy Watkins? Because of that trade, the Bills are without a first round pick this year. Therefore, the Bills brass gearing up for the challenge to “make a mark” with their choices this year.

Bills Director of College Scouting Kelvin Fisher sat down in-studio to discuss just that. Fisher went through the list of possible targeted position groups, the process of setting up their draft board, and why the team is in a great position to draft for depth not need.

“At this point when you’re just taking the best player, now you know you’re reloading your team not rebuilding. When you’re rebuilding you’re always trying to find needs because you have demands for those needs whereas when you’re reloading you’re basically getting your second team guys that should be starters maybe with any other team or even with your team but you’re reloading. So, every year if you lose a guy there’s no sweat of your back. You know that this guy is good enough to go in and start.”

At the top of the second hour we were joined by Bills defensive back Corey Graham. Graham just finished up his participation in this year’s NFL Franchising Boot Camp. Graham joined 22 other current and former players who are seeking advice to be successful off the field. The program provides a learning experience for players who are considering entering the business world when they leave the game of football.

tempCM2_3173--nfl_mezz_1280_1024“I’m in the stage of my career where I’m preparing myself for after football. Every year I’m going to be trying to do something to help myself out to make the transition after football a lot easier. I hear a lot of guys tell me about how tough it is after football so I don’t want to go through the same things as other guys go through.”

Graham also looked back to when he was drafted in the fifth round in 2007 by the Chicago Bears, saying being selected in the late rounds put a “chip on his shoulder” and is continuously trying to prove himself.

We rounded out the show by listening into ESPN Draft Analyst Mel Kiper, Jr. as he laid out his thoughts on this year’s Draft including the pressure for teams to find that “franchise” quarterback. To hear that and the rest of Friday’s John Murphy Show, click here.

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