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Cassel: “You’re always out there competing”

Posted by johnmurphyshow on May 14, 2015 – 9:16 pm


We began the show with the news of the day, which included the Bills signing two of their 2015 Draft Picks, third rounder John Miller and fifth round selection, RB Karlos Williams. We heard from both of them to kick off the show.

Bills quarterback Matt Cassel joined us at the bottom of the first hour. Cassel opened up and shared a few thoughts on the recent criticism regarding the Patriots deflation of game balls and his relationship with Tom Brady. He went on to talk about his time living in Buffalo, his continued love for the “shout” song, and the competition at the quarterback spot.

matt cassel“You’re always out there competing, no matter what. There’s definitely a sense of a quarterback competition here. Obviously, when the head coach says there’s a quarterback competition and there’s no defined starter, you’re in a competition. Now, from your approach as a quarterback, because I’ve been through it a lot, you can’t worry about the other guy and what they’re doing. All you can worry about is how you can make yourself the best player you can be and at the same time show the coaching staff that you know the offense, you’re going to be accountable, and you’re going to be able to go out there and win ball games for them.”

Cassel also discussed adapting to Greg Roman’s offense and the working relationship the quarterback group has with QB Coach David Lee.

At the top of the second hour, we were rejoined by the Bills VP of Operations and Guest Experience Andy Major. Major updated the latest issues and agendas tabled by the Fan Advisory Board during their latest meeting. He discussed improving the fan experience when it comes to entry into Ralph Wilson Stadium, updating the list of prohibited items, and even ideas to better utilize the ADPRO Sports Training Center on Sunday’s. Major also addressed the improvement of fan behavior on game days.

fans“I would thank the fans. They care about their game day experience and so do we. The support from our fans and from our season ticket members especially, to say ‘thank you, we notice additional uniformed sheriff. We’ve seen your staff be proactive and taking care of issues, thank you.’ That goes a long way and we share that with our staff because sometimes they feel like they’re not making a difference but when we’re able to share some of those experiences and that feedback with our staff, it makes them feel good that they are making a difference and they do see a change and we do have numbers that support things are changing in Buffalo for Bills games for the better.”

Major went on to talk about the upcoming summer concerts coming to the Ralph and the increase of Bills season ticket holders.

Finally, we reached out to John Breech of to discuss next week’s NFL League Meetings, specifically when it comes to potential rule changes and the tabled proposals for changing extra points.

To hear that interview and the complete John Murphy Show from Thursday, click here.

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