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New book ‘Kelly Tough’ released today

Posted by Alexandra Vitale on May 18, 2015 – 1:17 pm

Kelly Tough

Erin Kelly, daughter of NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly, released her book, “Kelly Tough” today.

In her book, she shares the not-so-public ups and downs of the family’s journey as they watched her father fight cancer – the toughest opponent of his life.

“Cancer wasn’t supposed to be a part of my story,” writes Erin Kelly. “Our family experienced the heart-shattering loss of my younger brother Hunter in 2005. “When you go through something like that, you kind of assume that you’ve been through the worst and that the other shoe dropped when the first one did. But that’s not the case with our family.”

In “Kelly Tough,” Erin shares the love, faith and meaning behind the mantra that binds them together and pulls them through life’s greatest struggles. She also reveals previously unknown details of her father’s battle against cancer.

She talks about the candid family moments as they learned of treatment successes and setbacks, forgiving those who brought death wishes against her father, supporting her father from afar while in college in Lynchburg, Va. She also addresses cancer victims who deeply impacted the family, including weekend visits to the toughest man she knew. In addition, the book includes never-before-seen photos and journal entries.

Erin, Jill and Jim all appeared on The Today’s Show to talk about the release of Kelly Tough. Watch it here.



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