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Owner’s meetings preview

Posted by Chris Brown on May 19, 2015 – 8:40 am

While most hard core NFL fans will be focused on the potential face-to-face meeting between New England owner Robert Kraft and commissioner Roger Goodell, there are some interesting things to be discussed at this week’s owners’ meetings in San Francisco.

First, there is likely to be a bit more clarity on a timetable for the three potential relocation teams (Oakland, St. Louis, San Diego). Owners will be given updates on how likely it is that two franchises will be moving to Los Angeles by as early as the 2016 season. The two stadium sites are in Inglewood and Carson, California. Rams owner Stan Kroenke is building in Inglewood.

Second, the decision on the new extra-point play is expected to reach a conclusion. The Competition Committee endorsed the change whereby the extra-point kick would be attempted from the 15-yard line, for what in essence is a 25-yard try.

The interesting second part of amendment is if the extra-point kick is blocked or mis-hit the defending team would be able to return the failed kick for a point of their own. Same for a two-point try. If there’s a fumble on the play or the ball is intercepted it could be returned for two points for the defending team.

Head coach Rex Ryan likes the idea of the defense being able to score. He commented on the anticipated changes coming down in an interview this morning on Bills flagship WGR Sportsradio 550.

“The defense should be able to score too,” said Ryan. “If they picked the ball off or return a fumble for 100 yards they should be able to get something. Hell they ought to get three for that. So hopefully you’ll see the defense able to score as well. Hopefully that’ll work out. In the college game the ball is on the three-yard line. Here we’ve got it on the two-yard line.”

There will also be a set procedure laid down to prevent any more Deflategate controversies. Most in the know are indicating that no team equipment staff will be anywhere near game footballs following official pre-game inspection.

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