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Carpenter: PATs, “An adjustment for all of us”

Posted by johnmurphyshow on May 20, 2015 – 9:16 pm


All quiet here as Bills players continue their offseason workouts, gearing up for next week’s OTAs. We began the show with updates from the league meetings in San Francisco, as Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed the media. We also got into more detail over the upcoming change to extra points and how the scoring change will impact the NFL next season. Plenty of reaction to that from the listeners.

carpenter picWith that being said, we decided to reach out to Bills placekicker Dan Carpenter to get his opinion on the PAT modifications. Carpenter was open about his dislike for the change. He talked about what adjustments need to be made and why he feels it brings up unnecessary situations that normally wouldn’t occur.

“Your team is going in to score and it’s 3rd & 1 from the one-yard line and if they don’t get it, you go on and kick a 19-yard field goal. Now, if they score a touchdown, you back up and kick a 33-yard field goal for one point. Another scenario is that a team is driving or just started a drive and you’re on your own twenty and a running back, LeSean, breaks out and houses one for 80-yards, now I have to jump off the bench, cold that I have been sitting on for fifteen minutes and run out and kick a 33-yard field goal instead of a 20-yard extra point. It’s stuff like that no one thinks about but us thirty-two guys that have to do it for a living.”

Carpenter also stated that it may cause a delay in the game while officials are setting up for either the extra point or a two-point try.

Staying inside the building, we brought in-studio Bills linebackers coach Bobby April, III. April, whose name is familiar to Bills fans because his father coached special teams here from 2004-2009. He talked about the influence his father had on his coaching career. Now, April is with his second team under Rex Ryan and spoke about why coach’s sons are favored with the Bills head coach.

DSC_4647“Coach’s sons are really loyal and I think he sees that and loyal to whomever they’re working with. Most guys have been around players their entire lives. For myself, I’ve been around NFL players since I was nine-years-old. It’s not too big for me. I know these guys. I’ve had lunch at their house and they’ve come to my parents’ house, so I wasn’t star struck at all.”

April even discussed a unique story in Philadelphia and how he got his start in the league under, then head coach, Andy Reid.

Finally, we caught up with Bills wide receiver Marquise Goodwin. The third year wide-out is looking to get back on track after a tough 2014 season, sharing his thoughts on his second year in the league. He discussed his interaction with new goodwin picreceivers coach Sanjay Lal and shared his view on the new-look WR group.

“We got that fire in the room. We got a lot of heat in there and a lot of speed. A lot of guys that are willing to put it all out on the line, willing to work every day, work together, and not really compete against each other, in the sense of not trying to tear each other down. We do compete with each other. We’re making each other better and I couldn’t ask for a better room.”

To hear more from Goodwin, including what he thinks of the talent in the return game and the rest of Wednesday’s John Murphy Show, click here.

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