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Schwab: Digital Stream “Big step for the NFL”

Posted by johnmurphyshow on June 3, 2015 – 9:18 pm


Bills players returning to the field after two days off for another session of OTAs. Head Coach Rex Ryan and running back LeSean McCoy addressed the media following today’s on-field practice. We began the show hearing from those two and also touched on the news of the day, including the NFL’s announcement of Yahoo!’s live digital stream of the Bills/Jaguars game in London.

BillsVsJags_LondonIt’s a first for the NFL, streaming a live game to a global audience but it will be the only way fans can catch the game outside of the Buffalo and Jacksonville areas. To discuss what could be a glimpse into the future, we called on Yahoo! NFL Sports Writer for Shutdown Corner Frank Schwab. Schwab talked about the significance of the event and why it’s a bold move for the NFL.

“It’s a big deal to go to a digital platform just to see how it goes, how people react to it. The world is changing. I’m a Milwaukee Brewers fan living in Denver. I watch a ton of Brewers games on my tablet. It’s just the way people consume media now in many ways and I think the NFL is smart to say ‘hey, let’s experiment with this and see how people react to it and maybe this is something we do.”

Michael McCann, a Legal Analyst for Sports Illustrated joined us to share his take on the Patriots Saga and give us the legal angle for Tom Brady’s upcoming appeal. McCann discussed that how Brady could actually benefit from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell hearing the case and that if the suspension is not reduced, he could see Brady filing a lawsuit. McCann, who is also a legal professor at the University of New Hampshire, is also planning on teaching an undergraduate course next Fall titled “Deflategate.”

To hear that and the rest of Wednesday’s John Murphy Show, click here.


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