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Roman: Offense must be personality diverse

Posted by Chris Brown on June 26, 2015 – 7:19 am

Bills offensive coordinator Greg Roman has been called many things in his time in the NFL. Creative, unique, old school. But if there’s one word he would prefer as a description for his offense it’s diverse.

In our exclusive one-on-one interview with Roman, Buffalo’s offensive play caller explained how he wants the Bills offense to be so diverse that it can morph and change from week to week.

“You want to maximize peoples’ strengths and minimize their weaknesses, while at the same time attacking the opponents weaknesses and minimizing their strengths,” Roman told “You want to build a system that’s comprehensive enough that you can change personalities week to week if need be and that’s certainly something we’re going to do.”

Rest assured that Roman’s offense will be a vast departure from a lot of what has been run on the offensive side of the ball the last several years. In fact Fred Jackson, who is going into his 10th season with Buffalo, said the Bills new offensive playbook contains plays he’s never seen before in his football life.

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