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Fred’s role not defined yet, but he’ll have one

Posted by Chris Brown on August 1, 2015 – 9:32 am

There have been a lot of questions about how Fred Jackson’s role might change with the offseason addition of LeSean McCoy. While there’s little debate as to what McCoy’s role on the offense will be, it’s unclear just what Jackson will be mainly called upon to handle in Buffalo’s offense. But make no mistake, Rex Ryan sees a role for Jackson.

“First I think Fred is in great shape,” said Ryan. “So I think he’s got some tread on that tire still. The thing you notice immediately about Fred, smart, he picks things up extremely well. He’s picked up our offense extremely. Still valuable as a threat out of the backfield, great blitz pickup and by the way he can still run the football. Now we’ll use him. We’re not going to say this is his role, it’s clearly too early to define roles that way. Obviously LeSean came in here to get the majority of the carries. That’s no secret, but Fred can be very valuable for us.”

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