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Watkins putting complete game on display

Posted by Chris Brown on August 3, 2015 – 10:20 am

Everyone knows about Sammy Watkins’ exploits as a wide receiver. His route running, his speed, his elusiveness, his hands, his leaping ability. One area of his game that even Rex Ryan wasn’t familiar with was on display on day 3 of training camp and it left Buffalo’s head coach convinced that Watkins can do everything an NFL receiver is called upon to execute.

During Sunday’s practice there was a stock block drill in which two receivers would go against two defensive backs in a defined boxed area of space outlined with cones. The lead receiver was responsible for blocking and stacking the first defensive back, while the second receiver, who was the ball carrier had to pick a lane to get by his receiver teammate and the man he was blocking and make the second defensive back miss.

Watkins proved very effective as a blocker and on one particular rep left Rex Ryan with his mouth agape.

“I watched a lot of stock block, so I watched the wide outs vs. the corners, I’ve never seen it before, but Sammy Watkins took somebody off his feet in a stock block drill,” said Ryan. “So this just in, Sammy can do everything. I’ve never seen it, I mean he literally lifted the guy up off his feet and was driven back like 10 yards.

“I’ve never seen it in all the years coaching so that was impressive. But it’s physical. When you get into that, those guys go at it and it’s important, the defense has to set an edge, and they have to get off blocks, and our wide outs especially with the talent that we have in the backfield, you have to have that stick in stay, so you have to attack it, and you have to stick.”

Don’t be surprised if on a play to the flank this season the Bills are running behind Watkins.

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