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Richardson kicks out to tackle

Posted by Chris Brown on August 6, 2015 – 3:39 pm

Bills second-year guard Cyril Richardson has had a good first week of camp. The coaches are happy with his progress and Rex Ryan said he’s pushing rookie John Miller at right guard. On Thursday however, he got a bit of a curve ball as they kicked Richardson out to offensive tackle. But Richardson did relatively well knowing he hasn’t lined up there on a football field more than four years.

The last time Richardson lined up at offensive tackle was his sophomore year at Baylor, but after getting the news the day before about his tackle duties Thursday he got out to the field early to work on his sets.

“This was something that popped up,” Richardson told “I did a little stuff in the walk through the other day, but it really happens out here so I had to come out a little early and get some reps in and figure out how I move at that position again.”

Through the course of practice Richardson lined up at both left and right tackle. It appears evident that with players on the second unit the coaching staff wants to know just how versatile their linemen are and Richardson appeared capable at tackle.

“Old habits don’t die,” he said. “I got a lot of really good coaching from a really good coach to help me out with what I really need to be doing out there and how it runs with this offense.”

Richardson credited the linemen next to him for helping him out on the edge.

“It just really starts with communication,” he said. “What’s the defensive end look like he’s about to run and really just putting my body out there and making sure that he doesn’t get a really good pass lane.”

Richardson isn’t sure if his time at tackle will continue, as other guards have been kicked out to tackle periodically in camp. But OT Terren Jones left practice early and did not return. If he suffered an injury they might be calling on a guard again Friday.

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