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The overlooked asset of Watkins’ game

Posted by Chris Brown on August 12, 2015 – 12:32 pm

Whether you ask a scout, a coach, a teammate or a fan about the strengths of Sammy Watkins’ skill set you’re bound to get a different answer from each of them. That’s because Watkins’ talents are so diverse. There is one particular part of Watkins’ game however that is rarely mentioned.

Most of the time you hear about Watkins’ route running, his speed, his hands, his leaping ability, his strength, his competitive nature or his work ethic. But QB Matt Cassel mentioned one trait in Watkins’ game that sometimes is overlooked.

“I think it’s his acceleration,” said Cassel when asked what stands out about Watkins’ game. “It is quite impressive to be honest with you. The stop and start is quite explosive and probably one of the best I have been around in terms of when he puts his foot in the ground he explodes off that ball there is instant acceleration and that is really impressive.”

Rest assured cornerbacks are aware of Watkins ability to not only get to top speed quickly, but to get in and out of a break and be at top speed in a matter of two steps. Suffice to say it’s a rare quality for even the top NFL receivers.

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