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Thigpen pulling double duty

Posted by Chris Brown on August 18, 2015 – 7:19 am

Bills WR/PR Marcus Thigpen has been pulling double duty here and there through the course of training camp and Monday he was called upon again. With the team down to two healthy running backs, Thigpen had to move from WR to RB where he had a handful of carries to keep the legs of LeSean McCoy and Bronson Hill from getting weary with too many reps. Thigpen has running back experience from his earlier playing days, but just jumping from one position to another in this very multiple and very varied offense is easier said than done.

“It’s something I’ve been doing for a while, playing running back,” Thigpen said. “I’ve just got to learn my plays and know what I’m doing to help out.  My protection—it’s not just runs and passes, but I’ve got to learn the protections as well. So that’s the biggest issue that I face now.”

Running routes coming out of the backfield is a bit easier, since he’s a receiver in this offense, but an adjustment nonetheless.

“It’s definitely different coming out of the backfield,” said Thigpen. “But playing a receiver, it definitely helped me out a lot to be able to run those routes.  I can be a little more crisp and make some of those linebackers miss so it definitely helped out—playing receiver.”

Whether Thigpen’s duties will continue in the Bills’ offensive backfield will depend solely on the health of Buffalo’s running backs. If Bryce Brown (hamstring) can return to practice that would help. Fred Jackson (hamstring) and Boobie Dixon (calf) are not expected back anytime soon. Karlos Williams’ condition is still unknown so a timetable for his return is not available. We hope to know more after Rex Ryan addresses the media following the team’s night practice with Cleveland.

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