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Boobie participates, but a ways to go

Posted by Chris Brown on August 27, 2015 – 5:08 pm

Boobie Dixon didn’t get through the whole practice, but just being back out on the practice field had the running back in high spirits.

“It felt great man, especially coming off last year,” said Dixon of participating in practice Thursday. “I had the best season of my career last year. I went into camp thinking to myself I was going to build on that and it was going to be another great year. Then bam I get the injury so it was kind of depressing.

“Watching is always the toughest. You’re watching guys out there make plays at your position. You know you can do the same thing, but you’re just not able. It was tough, but I’m kind of back now, still breaking it in easy, but today was a positive.”

Dixon, who is not expected to play Saturday against Pittsburgh, laid out just where he feels his injured calf is at this point.

“I still have got some ways to go,” said Dixon. “I was fighting hard to get back early. I’ve been working non-stop every day since I got hurt, almost three weeks in a row every day. Even on the off days doubling up on the conditioning work. It’s been tough, but I’ve been fighting through it. It’s almost there. I’d say I’m at about 70 percent right now. It was just fun to get back out there man and run around with my teammates and be wild and crazy and have fun. That was great.”

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