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QB competition won’t hurt offense’s readiness

Posted by Chris Brown on August 31, 2015 – 6:40 pm

The Bills were committed to conducting a three-man quarterback competition until they could make a solid decision that they felt confident with for the 2015 season. Rex Ryan said he’s 100 percent confident in the decision they made in choosing Tyrod Taylor for the starting job, but has the length of the competition hurt the readiness of the offense for the start of the regular season?

Both Ryan and the players don’t believe it has.

“I don’t think so at all,” said Percy Harvin. “Even though a starter wasn’t named they were getting first team reps and second team reps since we got here. So all those guys got their fair share of throws and all the receivers we got a chance to work with all of them. It really wasn’t a dragged out process to us. We knew all of them were going to get their reps and the best player was going to win it.”

By running two offensive units simultaneously in training camp practices, there were an awful lot of reps for all the quarterbacks who rotated through with all the receivers, backs and tight ends. Ryan also feels having three smart QBs will help, Taylor in particularly obviously.

“I think he has a great grasp of what we’re doing, and that goes through all the practices and everything else,” said Ryan. “The end result is what you see during preseason games. He’s a smart young man. All three of our quarterbacks are sharp guys.  In our system, unlike other systems, that’s part of it. We’re an audible system, we have multiple checks, and it would be tough to give somebody a job if you didn’t think they could do that. We definitely believe Tyrod can do that.”


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