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Tyrod’s college coach not surprised

Posted by Chris Brown on September 1, 2015 – 9:48 am

Tyrod Taylor was named starting QB of the Bills on Monday. It’s been a long wait for Taylor to hold a role like the one he has with Buffalo after a lengthy quarterback competition, but his college head coach Frank Beamer at Virginia Tech isn’t the least bit surprised by it.

In fact Beamer believes Taylor did the one thing for his game that he think can actually improves a quarterback’s accuracy.

“I’m proud of Tyrod. I felt like he’s always gotten better,” said Beamer. “Coming out of high school his throwing motion was a little bit different, but he kept working on it, kept working on his release. I don’t know if you every improve accuracy, that’s debatable, but I think by his motion he improved his accuracy and he’s made himself into a tremendous quarterback. What he can do athletically and with his mind, you put those in there, he’s a smart guy, a competitive guy, he’s dependable. It doesn’t surprise me, but it doesn’t surprise me that he won the starting job.”

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