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Dareus has the respect of Belichick

Posted by Chris Brown on September 15, 2015 – 4:06 pm

As one of the premier defensive tackles in the game, Marcell Dareus has the respect of a lot of his peers in the NFL. He also has the respect of a Super Bowl winning head coach in New England.

“Marcell is a really good football player. I think he does everything well. He’s stout in the running game, he’s instinctive, he can rush the passer, he runs well, he makes plays in pursuit and screen passes and things like that. For a guy his size, he’s a very active player,” said Bill Belichick. “He’s a very disruptive player wherever he is. He’s got great talent. He plays inside, but I’m sure he could play outside as a defensive end if they wanted him to. He’s got that kind of athleticism and enough length to do it. I’m not saying that’s where he belongs, but he has that kind of versatility and he’s that kind of athlete. He’s definitely a force; he’s a problem.”

Buffalo’s Week 2 game against New England will be the first of the season for Dareus, who sat out last Sunday for a one-game league imposed suspension.

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