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Belichick breaks down Rex’s unique looks

Posted by Chris Brown on September 19, 2015 – 2:16 pm

In one of his press conferences this week, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick outlined how some of Rex Ryan’s exotic looks put a defensive lineman in a weak safety role on a certain play. Belichick was then asked for clarification and gave an interesting breakdown of how Ryan’s varied looks created identification problems for opposing offenses.

“Sometimes they line their linebackers up in the line of scrimmage and back defensive linemen off the ball, so they’re kind of at a linebacker depth – four to five yards off the ball,” said Belichick of the Bills ‘D’. “Then they move from there. Sometimes they move back up. Sometimes they wait until the ball is snapped and run whatever stunt they have called. Normally if you’re an offensive lineman, you’re blocking a defensive lineman, but when the defensive lineman is standing behind a linebacker or behind another defensive lineman your rule now changes a little bit.

“You can’t let the linebacker go and go block the defensive lineman so you’ve got to take the guy in front of you and now the defensive lineman ends up again really as a linebacker or depending on the look, he could technically be a weak safety or a strong safety based on how you ID the defense – things like that. It’s just ways that Coach Ryan uses to try to confuse the offense and try to change the protection or the identification of the defensive personnel. Is a tackle a tackle or is he an X and an O? And then you get mismatches. So, things like that.”

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