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Handling Pats rub routes

Posted by Chris Brown on September 20, 2015 – 11:20 am

We’ve all seen it too many times before. Two New England passing targets cross one another when running their patterns with one effectively picking off one of the opposing defenders giving Tom Brady an easy open receiver to complete a pass. Pick plays are illegal, but it’s ultimately a judgment call for an official who has to determine intent. Bills head coach Rex Ryan knows the tactics of New England on these plays and more and more teams are executing them. The key is the two defenders can’t play level or square to one another.

“The officials know, I mean that’s what happens,” said Ryan. “But you know if you play your guys on the same level that’s kind of a given. So you’re almost picking yourself. Don’t anticipate us playing on the same level and they know we’re not gonna play on the same level. But if you do then you open yourself up, and that’s against any team in the league.”


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