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Penalties prevalent across NFL

Posted by Chris Brown on September 26, 2015 – 4:31 pm

Through the first two weeks of the NFL season there have been more penalties called than any other time in the history of the league. NFL columnist Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News shed some good light on the subject in a column this week. He reported that the 298 penalties last week alone were the largest total in 14 years. While there is an adjustment period for the players with the new points of emphasis being called more stringently by the officials, the flags have been flying more often than ever before. The Bills, who had 14 penalties for 140 yards last week, had some penalties that one could attribute to adjusting to the points of emphasis this season, which includes defensive holding.

“They have points of emphasis every week and you have to pay attention to it,” said defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman. “Whatever those points are you have to make sure you’re coaching your guys the proper way. Sports is played with your eyes and your feet. Your eyes show you where to go and your feet get you there. When you use your hands, you’re probably not going to be that effective.”

Buffalo also had a handful of 15-yard penalties that were a byproduct of an overemotional team. Rex Ryan has pledged to have one of the most disciplined teams moving forward and asserted that he’ll control his own language on the sidelines as part of that effort.

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