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Bills ranking high in toxic differential

Posted by Chris Brown on October 1, 2015 – 12:16 pm

It was a statistic invented by former Baltimore head coach Brian Billick. Toxic differential takes turnover differential, big pass play differential and big run play differential and adds them together. The higher the number the better. Through the first three games this season the Bills rank very high in toxic differential.

Buffalo’s figure is a +12 so far this season, which ranks third in the league right now behind only Carolina, which is a gaudy +17 and Cincinnati at a +14.

The Bills are a +5 in turnover margin and a +7 in big play differential so far this season. Buffalo finished 17th in the league last season in toxic differential with a -5 figure. The goal is to obviously be on the plus side in both categories.

Buffalo’s big-play ability on offense this year appears much improved from last season with Tyrod Taylor and Buffalo’s passing game weapons.

Most NFL clubs that have won the Super Bowl have finished in the top 10 in toxic differential. This year’s figures come courtesy of Sporting Charts.

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