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Bills enact push-ups for penalties at practice

Posted by Chris Brown on October 7, 2015 – 4:53 pm

The Bills said that their league-leading penalty count would be addressed by the players. On Wednesday the penalty for committing penalties was push-ups, but not by the person who commits the infraction.

With officials at every Bills practice, WR Percy Harvin explained the whole approach with the push-ups having done it last year with Ryan and the Jets when flags were thrown on the practice field.

“Basically, any time you get a foul, whether it’s jumping offsides or holding, anytime the ref throws a penalty out there, everybody has to drop down,” Harvin said. “Everybody who’s part of the organization has to drop down and do push-ups. But the person who committed the foul has to stand up and watch everybody around do push-ups.  So you can see how many people you’re letting down when you commit the silly penalties that we do.”

Harvin said the Jets had good success with the push-ups as the team’s penance for yellow flags at practice.

“It works. Hopefully we can get our penalties down so we’re not doing too many pushups at practice,” Harvin said. “The point is so the person can see how much the people he affects.”

When asked why he thinks it works, Harvin said it’s simple.

“You get tired of doing pushups. A couple of fouls a game, you’ll be doing fifty push-ups easy,” he said. “It’s definitely something you don’t want to be doing.  All jokes aside, it’s something we have to do because we’re killing our drives. It’s hard to get started when you’re ending every drive on three-and-out or committing penalties.”

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