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BENRUS Best Dressed – Tyrod Taylor

Posted by Buffalo Bills on October 10, 2015 – 4:06 pm

best-dressed-blog-nashvilleThe BENRUS Best Dressed series presents one well-dressed player with a product from the military-inspired lifestyle brand.  QB Tyrod Taylor has showed off his style every week so far, and looked sharp in a gray suit with blue accents as he boarded the plane for Nashville, earning himself this week’s Best Dressed honor.

As the winner of BEST DRESSED, Tyrod Taylor received a perennial piece from the BENRUS collection, the H-6 watch. The original models proved instrumental for the CIA and Navy Seals during Vietnam.  BENRUS watches, bags, apparel and accessories are available for purchase at

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BENRUS, LLC was founded as a watch company in 1921. For over four decades, it manufactured legendary timepieces for the U.S. military. Giovanni Feroce, internationally recognized as one of today’s most successful American CEO’s, is building BENRUS into a multi-billion dollar, military-inspired lifestyle brand. Mr. Feroce currently serves as CEO and Chairman of BENRUS, LLC.

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