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Taylor familiar with Titans defensive looks

Posted by Chris Brown on October 11, 2015 – 8:50 am

It’s not 100 percent the same thing, but there are an awful lot of similarities between the Tennessee Titans defensive scheme and the one the Pittsburgh Steelers ran for years. That could be beneficial for Bills QB Tyrod Taylor today.

Titans Assistant head coach Dick LeBeau and defensive coordinator Ray Horton coached together on the Steelers defensive staff when LeBeau was running Pittsburgh’s defense. Now that they’re together in Tennessee it’s no surprise that their defense has a lot of the same principles.

“I think there’s definitely some similarities,” said Bills offensive coordinator Greg Roman. “I think they, like a lot of teams, they kind of try to find their own little niche in where it fits. But there’s a lot of similarities, not 100 percent though. But I don’t know if they’ve gotten to that point yet but at some point maybe they will. I don’t know. But if they look like anybody it would be like the old Steelers.”

For Tyrod Taylor those defensive looks are all too familiar. Spending the first four years of his career in Baltimore and prepping with Joe Flacco for the Steelers twice a year, Taylor has a good handle on the looks the Titans will throw at him Sunday.

“Yeah definitely being in Baltimore and going against them twice a year there are definitely some things I’ll be taking with me into this game as far as preparation,”  Taylor told “We still have to be ready for them and everything they can throw at you, but they definitely do some of that stuff.

“Dick LeBeau is there and is giving his input on the defense. We definitely have to be aware of the things he did in Pittsburgh. There are different players, but a similar scheme. So there’s carry over from Pittsburgh. You know whenever they want they can always go back to that style. So we’ll be ready for that.”


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