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Rex: wristbands weren’t a gimmick

Posted by Chris Brown on October 12, 2015 – 2:20 pm

As we covered on, head coach Rex Ryan in an effort to remind players to keep their cool when plays or calls went against them in games had everyone wears red wristbands that read ‘Yes Sir.’ It was to be what a player would say if they disagreed with a call. Some outside observers panned it as a gimmick. Ryan believe it served a purpose.

“It was funny because some people were saying it’s a gimmick,” said Ryan. “And I’m like, no it’s not. You talk to professionals who know these type of things it wasn’t done to be a gimmick. Now the fact mine snapped the first play probably wasn’t a great thing. It’s just a little thing that let’s you know that there are people counting on you and the ‘Yes Sir’ thing and all that. It’s bigger than us individually. And we don’t want to let each other down and it’s just a reminder of that.”

Ryan felt even if it made one player keep his cool when he was about to blow his stack it was worth it, especially in light of how tight Sunday’s game was at Tennessee.

“I thought we showed composure,” Ryan said. “We showed more poise and that was obviously a huge thing. I don’t believe we win that game if we had two more unsportsmanlike penalties, do we win the game? I don’t think so. So it was huge that our guys kept their cool. We showed poise. We showed that we can overcome certain things. Maybe we think that this shouldn’t have been a penalty, but it is and you have to play the next down. Our guys did a good job of that and finished the game.”

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