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Marcell brings Birmingham to a Bills game

Posted by on October 14, 2015 – 7:57 am


Knowing that he would never get to play a NFL game in his home city of Birmingham, AL, Marcell Dareus decided to bring Birmingham, AL to an NFL city in the form of an all-expense paid trip to see him and the Buffalo Bills defeat the Tennessee Titans.

On Sunday, October 11, 400 people loaded eight buses and headed to Nashville TN to cheer on Dareus and the Buffalo Bills. Dareus’ family, Birmingham city officials, the kids from Wahouma Park little league football team and Huffman High School experienced a day they will always remember. Dareus played for Wahouma Park and Huffman while growing up in Birmingham.

To cap off the amazing day, Dareus presented Wahouma Park’s football team with a check to cover the expenses for their football uniforms.

“I’m so overwhelmed. I’m so happy that everyone came out and showed support,” said Dareus.  “Today my dream came true. I played a game in front of the city of Birmingham. Everybody set aside time to be there for me and it hit me in places where I can’t even explain. I want them to see that any kid can be standing in my shoes, sitting in my seat. I want the kids to know the importance of being who you are, not just on paper, but in person. Not just writing it down and telling people, but actually being and doing what you say you are. ”

Dareus’ former teammate at the University of Alabama and founder of the non-profit organization Together Assisting People (TAP), Chris Rogers organized the trip. Speaking on the impression the day left on him, Rogers had this to say: “It’s still hard for me to put today’s experience into words. I’m extremely honored to have helped Marcell create this experience for the City of Birmingham. I can’t think of anyone who loves the City more.”

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