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Dalton doesn’t mind Ryan defenses

Posted by Chris Brown on October 15, 2015 – 10:15 am

While Cincinnati QB Andy Dalton certainly has respect for Rex Ryan defenses he’s by no means intimidated by what the defensive coach can dish out. That’s because in his only meeting with a Ryan defense came in 2013 when he was coaching the Jets and Dalton had a day of days.

The Bengals QB had five touchdowns and threw for 325 yards on just 19 completions and a had a passer rating of 125.7 in a 49-9 victory over the Jets. Dalton isn’t expecting to have a repeat performance, but wouldn’t mind if things unfolded that way.

“You just kind of see the flow of the game and how they go about playing different things,” said Dalton. “Obviously we’ll see some of that tape, but there’s also been a lot of games played since then. I think we can take some things from that tape and look at it and see different ways that we can attack.”

It’s clear that Dalton has the respect of Buffalo’s sideline boss.

“He tore it up against me the last time we played him he killed us,” said Ryan flatly. “We better be better than the last time we played him. I can tell you that much. I know he’s had some games that weren’t very good or whatever, but that’s every quarterback. He’s doing a great job. He throws the ball on time, he’s a rhythm thrower and he’s got a lot of good targets. He’s accurate with the football, obviously smart and he runs their show out there so it’s a big challenge there’s no doubt.”

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