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Rex: Our DL didn’t get enough chances at Dalton

Posted by Chris Brown on October 18, 2015 – 7:10 pm

Bills head coach Rex Ryan knew that Andy Dalton takes some long drops than some of the other quarterbacks Buffalo has faced this season. It should have spelled greater opportunities for Buffalo’s defensive linemen to get some heat on the Cincinnati QB and some sacks. But Buffalo’s sideline boss admitted he didn’t dial up enough opportunities for his big men up front.

“A couple of them are my fault,” Ryan said. “I went with some three-man rush stuff and never let my guys go as much as I should have. I think on the one third and long we thought we had a pretty good call and the guy sat back there forever and that one was on me. I thought we had great coverage downfield and we put our cover guys out there and I don’t think our guys had enough shots at him, but we’ll see. We’ve got to take a long, hard look at what we’re asking our guys to do.”

When asked if his defense has an identity this was Ryan’s response.

“I don’t think our team does. When you look at it we haven’t been healthy number one and some guys in and out of the lineup,” he said. “We’ve lacked some consistency on both sides of the ball. We’ve been penalized too many times on special teams in particular. We’re a work in progress right now. I still think when it’s all said and done I think we can be special. We’ve got to get guys healthy and we’ve got to really focus in and hone in on what we’re doing.”


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