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Facing Marrone doesn’t register with EJ

Posted by Chris Brown on October 22, 2015 – 11:02 am

Bills QB EJ Manuel is in an opportune situation to exact a bit of revenge on the head coach that benched him last season. Manuel will be making his second straight start in place of an injured Tyrod Taylor. But when it comes to Sunday’s game against the Jaguars where Doug Marrone is an offensive line coach, Manuel is more focused on the Jaguars defense that he’ll be facing.

“Obviously I know coach Marrone and coach (Nathaniel) Hackett who are both on their staff now. I’m not playing against them though, I’m playing against their defense,” said Manuel. “That’s my main focus, preparing for Jacksonville’s defense. The other stuff is kind of an afterthought.”

The media then asked Manuel if he felt he was held back in the previous offensive scheme under the previous coaching regime.

“I was young. I think it wasn’t necessarily what the offense was or anything like that,” he said. “I was young and I had a lot to learn. There’s still more for me to learn. I’m still young. I think a lot of this position is about experience so I can’t say there’s anything about the offense that made me feel limited. I know now once I went through that process and the benching and watching other guys play in my mind I just thought I should be more aggressive. Take more shots and take advantage of the opportunity.”


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