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Section VI Coach Of The Week – Mike Sarratori

Posted by Alexandra Vitale on October 22, 2015 – 5:49 am


The Dunkirk Marauders football team won a home conference game against rival Fredonia by a score of 29-16 on October 16th.  With the win Dunkirk raised their overall record to 5-1 on the season and their Head Coach Mike Sarratori was named the Buffalo Bills and ADPRO Sports High School Coach Of The Week.  I caught up with Coach Sarratori to ask him a little bit about his program and what he will do with the COW Grant.

Vitale: “What went right for you guys last game”

Sarratori: “We played are most disciplined game of the year. We came out of the game with zero penalties. On top of that our young offensive line played their best game as well. When our line plays well Miguel Alicea can run forever.”

Vitale: “Tell us your coaching philosophy”

Sarratori: “I know there is good in all kids. It is my job to find it. I need to be able to put kids in a position to be successful. I need to make every kid feel they are part of the big picture. On the field we need to keep it simple and fast and be aggressive. Most importantly, I need to establish a family setting so we do not want to let each other down.”

Vitale: “As a coach what do you do to ensure the health and safety of your players?”

Sarratori: “We run a pretty extensive conditioning program all year long. On top of that we stress hydration, warming up and cooling down as well as nutrition. We ensure that all of our players wear the best equipment out there and we teach fundamentals from day one.”

Vitale: “As par of this award you will be receiving a 1,000 grant, how do you plan on spending the funds?”

Sarratori: “I plan on spending it on the present team, possibly jerseys, jackets or some other way of showing my appreciation for all of their hard work.”


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