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Thurman: Job one is points allowed

Posted by Chris Brown on October 23, 2015 – 4:29 am

Bills defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman isn’t too keen on all the criticism leveled at Buffalo’s defense, particularly the lack of pass pressure and sacks. For Thurman defensive performance is much broader than that and all the aspects of defensive play can be summed up with one simple statistic as he sees it. Points allowed.

“We’re not worried about pass rushing,” said Thurman. “We’re not worried about what you guys are worried about. We’re worried about wins and losses. We need to play better as a defense. I’m more concerned about how many points we’re giving up. I’m not worried about individual statistics. The points we’re giving up, I’m not happy about that.”

When asked if pass pressure is important, Thurman didn’t deny that it wasn’t, but again went back to focusing on the overall picture on defense.

“So is tackling. We missed some tackles.  It’s overall performance,” Thurman said. “You guys want to focus on one thing—it’s more than that. It’s point allowed, missing tackles, missing assignments. When you’re going well and you’re playing well, then no one’s concerned about one individual thing. We’re not going to be concerned about one individual part of our defense. We’re concerned about every part of our defense. We need to play better.”

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