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Robey still trying to understand late call on him

Posted by Chris Brown on October 26, 2015 – 2:49 am

On 3rd-and-15 at the Jacksonville 47 with the Jaguars trying to keep a drive alive down 31-27, the Bills were in a zone defense trying to keep things in front of them. Nickell Robey was in off coverage on Bryan Walters. Robey read Blake Bortles and broke to the sideline on the out route. The ball ultimately fell incomplete, but a flag came in for pass interference giving the Jaguars a fresh set of downs at the Buffalo 36. Two plays later Jacksonville was in the end zone with what proved to be the game-winning touchdown.

“I asked (the official) what I did. He couldn’t explain the call,” said Nickell Robey. “I asked him what I did and he couldn’t explain it. I’m still sitting here looking for an answer for what I did because I played good defense.”

Robey was confused by the call because he felt he broke on the ball better than the receiver.

“I don’t see where the contact was made or anything was made,” Robey said. “I didn’t press him that play. I played off coverage on that play. He ran… like I’m going to the ball with my hands out and he’s coming into me. I beat him to the spot. I already beat him to spot and I’m going to get the ball and they still threw the flag. I don’t understand.”

As disappointed as Robey was he believes the hardship of the loss has only forced the team to rely on each other all the more.

“One thing I know right now is we’re all together,” he said. “We’re still here trying to put this big puzzle together and come away with all these wins.”

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