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Watkins apologizes for Instagram post

Posted by Chris Brown on November 2, 2015 – 3:09 pm

Late last week Bills WR Sammy Watkins lashed out on Instagram at fans or followers who criticized his recent lack of availability due to a series of injuries. In hindsight the receiver saw that responding to those who criticize and spread negativity affects more than just the person you’re responding to on social media.

During the bye week and frustrated by the team’s most recent loss and his injury keeping him off the field, Watkins admitted he went looking for negative commentary about him and the team and when he found it how responding was a mistake.

“I looked at a comment and immediately I reacted and misspelled a couple of things and just not paying attention. That’s something I can’t do as an athlete in the NFL,” said Watkins. “I represent an organization and a team. So I would just say sorry to all the fans that took it to heart and pledge to never do it again.”

Watkins recognized rather quickly about the error he made in engaging with social media users who try to engage a celebrity like the Bills receiver.

“I didn’t even care about the post in the moment, but when I read back my comments I thought, Nah that doesn’t sound right. I shouldn’t have sent that. It not only affected the fans, but people in general in life that are working hard jobs every day. Day to day taking care of their kids. Every job is the same. You get up in the morning, clock in eight hours and my job isn’t different from anybody else. I knew what I was doing taking a shot, but it was something I shouldn’t have done as a football player and a professional. I wasn’t a professional and I learned from it.”

Bills head coach Rex Ryan said he addressed the social media mistake with Watkins Monday.

“I just had a discussion with him, I talked with him,” Ryan said. “He’s not proud of his thing. I can understand why the fans would be upset with him, we’re all upset with him. It doesn’t represent who he is. These fans have been great to Sammy. They love him, and they want to support him. Sometimes, you get mad at the ones you love the most. Sometimes you regret saying things and I know Sammy regrets it—big time.”

“As far as the fans and stuff they know I want to be here,” said Watkins. “I want to win games with the team, with the organization and for the city of Buffalo. No hard feelings towards anybody, my teammates, the fans. I love the fans. They come out every Sunday and we give them something to look for and they cheer for us when we lose or when we win. I’m just looking forward to getting back on the field.”

Watkins said he’s “very close” to returning and Rex Ryan remains hopeful Watkins will be able to return to the lineup Sunday against Miami.




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