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Tyrod stood up to address team last week

Posted by Chris Brown on November 8, 2015 – 11:32 pm

He had been part of a team that went on a successful Super Bowl run in Baltimore. Sure he was the team’s backup quarterback, but he saw how when the Ravens really banded together, believed in one another and fully committed themselves to the cause they were able to make achieving the ultimate prize in football possible. That experience compelled him to stand up in front of the team last week leading up to the Dolphins game to make sure everyone was on board.

“I just wanted to show them the leadership from my position,” said Taylor. “I basically explained some stuff that we talked about when I was with the Ravens and just try to take that winning tradition over. I explained to them it’s two different teams. Completely different team. Completely different organizations. But at the same time the year we made the run (to the Super Bowl), everything wasn’t pretty and that is what I explained to them. That we have to take it one week at a time. One game at a time and continue to keep working.”

Taylor’s head coach echoed some of those sentiments after he took part of the bye week to contemplate how to convey the final nine games of the season to his players. He talked to his players about the urgency that needs to accompany their preparation, execution and effort.

That’s why he was so pleased to see a countless number of players putting extra effort into their preparation as a group.

“I loved the commitment. If you guys could’ve seen the commitment that I saw through the week, through preparation. Guys staying late with no coaches. Outside of that together, collectively staying together and Tyrod running the offense and the defense,” said Ryan. “Our guys want to win. That might sound like a stupid comment, because everybody wants to win. Yeah, but to the extreme that we want to give ourselves the best chance. We’ve got to communicate better and be all in together and supportive of each other and I think our guys are.”


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