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Boobie loves the haters

Posted by Chris Brown on November 29, 2015 – 10:15 am

Bills RB Boobie Dixon is never one to pass up a challenge. Today in Kansas City he and his teammates will not only be dealing with the Chiefs, but the renowned crowd noise at Arrowhead Stadium. Dixon, who has been to Kansas City a few times in his career relishes being the villain.

“I like it Arrowhead man. They’ve got a lot of noise, but they got the little chant thing they got going,” said Dixon. “It’s pretty cool. It kind of works against them when I step in there because I like it and it pumps me up. So I’m looking forward to going down there and getting the ‘W.’”

Dixon recalls it getting pretty bad a few times when he’s traveled to Kansas City.

“I love road games and going on the road and seeing all the bad signs and the bad sign language,” said Dixon. “Everybody is shooting you the birds when you walk in the stadium. That’s fun stuff man, I get pumped up from that stuff so I can’t wait to pull in.”

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