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Daily prep the focus, not playoff picture

Posted by Chris Brown on December 2, 2015 – 4:46 pm

Bills QB Tyrod Taylor has taken it upon himself to be more of a vocal leader of late as things have gotten down to the nitty gritty with respect to Buffalo’s playoff chances. He recruited the veteran leaders on the team right after the loss to Kansas City Sunday in the locker room. Now he’s making sure everyone is committed to making the daily preparation for Sunday’s game as the focus, rather than the AFC playoff picture.

“We understand what’s at stake, but at the same time you have to focus on each and every day and our preparation,” said Taylor. “That’s what is going to make us our best on Sundays. Taking it one day at a time.  Trying to win the day-learn as much as you can and go out there and practice those things that you’ve learned and take it over to the next day.  Stack up good days in practice and good days in preparation and go out there and play well on Sundays.”

Taylor said what should be driving that focus in each player on the roster is the desire to win games.

“Every time you step on the field-you want to win,” said Taylor. “No one likes to lose. Knowing that the picture is still there for us, we just have to go out there and take care of business each and every week.”

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