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Knowing where Watt is

Posted by Chris Brown on December 6, 2015 – 10:08 am

The Bills have a big task in front of them in the form of reigning Defensive Player of the Year and current AFC Defensive Player of the month for November, J.J. Watt. With free reign to line up anywhere across the Texans defensive formation everyone will need to be aware of where he chooses to line up pre-snap. TE Matthew Mulligan, who will probably be offering the offensive tackles help in pass protection and probably run blocking, knows what they’re up against.

“You’re going to feel his presence wherever he is on the field,” said Mulligan. “He’s a tremendous player. He’s savvy too. He’s not just a guy who will beat you with just brute force. He’s a guy who understands the game really well too and you can watch that. You’ve got to be fundamentally sound, everybody has to be on their ‘A’ game and you’ve got to know your assignments too. The second you have to start thinking against a guy like that is the second you get behind and then he’s making plays like he’s done his whole career.

“That’s where practice comes in and you continue to work with your guys. Like it is every week, it’ll take a team effort to play a defense that good and a player of his caliber.”

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