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Rex on Carpenter & going for two

Posted by Chris Brown on December 7, 2015 – 4:07 pm

Bills kicker Dan Carpenter missed his fourth FG attempt and his fourth extra point attempt Sunday in the win over Houston, but head coach Rex Ryan is determined to have the veteran specialist kick his way out of the rut he’s in. 

“I think you look around the league there has been, moving that thing back there is a lot people that miss kicks,” said Ryan of the new distance of 33 yards for extra points. “Their kicker missed a kick.”

On Sunday there were nine missed extra points counting Carpenter’s, which has begun to convince some coaches to go for two more often like Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin. 

Ryan said he’s sticking with Carpenter mainly because of his solid track record of kicking well in poor weather conditions, which are on the horizon. 

“We’ve got a veteran kicker that you guys know he can kick the conditions,” Ryan told the media. “Not everybody can do that. I think obviously the one kick you can’t kick it better than he kicked it, the 50-yarder. So you know that is fine. 

“The extra point obviously we wish we had it back. We kind of joked about the holding situation we have a good holder in Colton [Schmidt]. I said he is the second best holder I know. But you know I think Colton probably wishes he had that hold back a little bit. I don’t think it was exactly where we want it. I think we ended up kicking the laces on that one. But we are not getting rid of Dan Carpenter.”

When asked if the trend in the league of more misses on extra points has altered his thinking on going for two Ryan said it has not and that barring gale force winds he would line up to kick the extra point. 

 “If the conditions are what they are, what they were this past weekend, no we will just go ahead and kick it,” Ryan said. “I am confident in Dan [Carpenter].”

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