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‘D’ unhappy things didn’t jell quicker

Posted by Chris Brown on December 16, 2015 – 1:15 pm

Buffalo’s defensive players know their performance hasn’t lived up to expectations this season on their side of the ball. Some readily admitted they may have bought into the hype and assumed it would all come together much like each of the last few defensive systems.

“It was a lot of hype,” said Marcell Dareus of the preseason expectations. “We had a lot of pieces we put together so we can make this run. Of course, the hype was there-we all saw it and we all felt it as well. We had a good team on paper. But I feel like we’re getting a new head coach, his system has to get in place and it doesn’t happen in a year. I think we all missed that.

“We looked at the pieces that we put in place and forgot the big picture of letting it all set, let it set, seal, and don’t touch it for a little bit. Let the cement harden.  Let us know that we’re on concrete. The playbook is in. The players have to jell together, the coaches have to jell together. His system is in – I thought we jumped the gun on certain things. But we’re still playing together and we’re still going to move closer to what we’re looking for.”

Head coach Rex Ryan said he never ever entered the season assuming it would all naturally fit right away.

“Nope. Honestly never did,” Ryan said. “Did I expect our numbers to be much better than they were last year? I absolutely did. I really did. I know we have the talent and this has been a good defense the last two years. It was a really good defense. We haven’t measured up statistically. It hasn’t been from lack of effort. We just haven’t had the results that we expected. So I think that’s a given. As I say that falls directly on me so I get that. No question needs to be pointed anywhere else. It needs to be pointed at me.

“I’m a big guy. I have broad shoulders. I can take it. Literally I can count on my first finger that I’ve been considered the weakness of a team the way I coach defense, but clearly we haven’t been up to what we anticipated. Any of us. I think that’s fan base, myself, players, and I get that. Now that’s my responsibility. The season is not over. I expect to play better, but that’s just the way it is.”

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