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Bills focused on what win meant for them

Posted by Chris Brown on January 3, 2016 – 10:34 pm

After their gutty win over the Jets on Sunday the predominant line of questioning from the media was if the players took any satisfaction in preventing New York from advancing to the playoffs in their 22-17 victory. It was made very clear by each player asked that the Bills were more focused on what the win meant for them.

With eyes already on 2016, the Bills feel the win over the Jets, which completed a season sweep and now has Buffalo’s winning streak against the Jets up to five straight, has helped them capture the kind of synergy they need between their preparation during the week and trust and execution with one another and the coaching staff on game day.

“It definitely was a big game for us. An opportunity for us to sweep a divisional team. We knew going into this game there was a lot for us to learn from this season,” said Tyrod Taylor. “But it was more so just attitude and going into next year. We went out there and got the job done.”

“Honestly, whether this was about them going to win and in or whatever they were saying, it was never really about that,” said Eric Wood. “We weren’t talking about it, we wanted to get this win for us. Did we want our division rival at our expense to go to the playoffs on our home field, heck no.”

“They had a playoff chance and we knocked them out,” said Manny Lawson. “More so than knocking them out we won, and that’s takes precedence over everything.”

“Honestly it wasn’t about keeping them out of the playoffs. There’s still football that has to be played. I know we’re not going to the playoffs, but our fans come out and cheer us on. It wasn’t about the Jets, it was about us finishing the right way,” said Sammy Watkins. “Just building off the season and next year we can come to training camp and say hey, we won our last two games, won two out of three in our division with two sweeps and we’ve just got to continue to grow as a team. Just staying in with each other.”

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