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Easley with long road ahead

Posted by Chris Brown on January 5, 2016 – 2:22 pm

Bills WR Marcus Easley came to locker clean out day Monday on crutches. His left leg in a full length immobilizer cast. The special teams ace, injured while covering a return, explained how his knee cap was dislocated and then broken in three places.

Two Dallas Cowboys were trying to run Easley down as he had gotten past them covering the kick. One of the Dallas players bumped him from the side just as he put his left foot down on the ground in a full sprint.

“I got pushed on my right side while my left leg was planted and it pushed my knee cap out to the side and all my momentum dislocated the knee cap and then when I fell it was the fall that broke the knee cap in three places,” said Easley. “It’s the most pain I have ever felt.”

Easley was in obvious pain down on the field and was carted off. Now he’s looking at a long offseason rehabilitation.

“Seven to nine months,” Easley said. “They say I should make a full recovery.”

His knee cap has already been re-set and now the healing must begin before Easley can begin the rehab process.

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